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Club Opening Field Guide

A grow¬≠ing num¬≠ber of Kiwa¬≠ni¬≠ans are want¬≠i¬≠ng to open new Kiwa¬≠nis clubs in Dis¬≠tricts not pre¬≠vi¬≠ous¬≠ly vis¬≠it¬≠ed by mem¬≠bers of our Eye of the Tiger team. In an effort to help them through the club open¬≠ing process we have cre¬≠at¬≠ed a Club Open¬≠ing Field Guide.

Where­as there is no sub­sti­tute for going out into the field and actu­al­ly knock­ing on doors look­ing for new Kiwa­ni­ans, our Field Guide will help you avoid some com­mon pit­falls and help steer you in the right direc­tion. Any of our club mem­bers can be con­tact­ed for more infor­ma­tion or for clar­i­fi­ca­tion of EOT club open­ing techniques.

If you have com¬≠ments or con¬≠cerns please send us a quick mes¬≠sage (glevine@kiwanistiger.com) and let us know. We‚Äôd like to hear from you.


To down­load your copy of our Eye of the Tiger Club Open­ing Field Guide please click here.

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